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All I know is I would never do something like this. I wouldn't even agree to a trial separation. I would drag her ass to marriage counselling. From all that has been said, from the OP's mouth nonetheless, is that he was the cause of this in the first place (maybe with his stupid view point that the mother of his children should go out and work?).

/sarcasm time/ Yea, he REALLY wanted to work on this marriage, because during the trial separation he got together with the 3rd party.

I also don't believe him when he says it only happened when they were separated. It's awful fast for a MARRIED MAN to jump from "I'm married" to "Hey, no I'm not". It's the same way some women operate. They find someone else and shut down emotionally while they're with their current boyfriend. They may not cheat in the literal sense of the word, but their mind has already been made up that it won't work and that there is someone else they like better now. This then forces the other party to bring up the questions re: affection and "how it was" and "how they are treated" which leads to fights and eventually the other party being the one saying "Fine, it's over". The woman walks away from the relationship being able to say "I didn't break up with him, he broke up with me" and almost immediately starts dating the new guy waiting in the rafters.

Now, that scenario I painted for you happens with both sexes (more often than you think) and this is why I don't believe him. He had the new gf wait around, knew that he had someone new, and jumped on the opportunity for a trial separation because that would mean they could go out on a date officially. In his mind things were already over by the time the trial separation dragged itself into reality because of the new gf. Even though you didn't physically/literally cheat, that doesn't mean she didn't cause an "alienation of affection"

All your wife needs to prove is that you've known each other before the trial separation.

"Lighten up you will live longer"

WHO THE **** says I want to live longer with pieces of **** like this walking around? How many more women is he going to impregnate and leave just because he didn't have the balls to work on his marriage? People are so fickle these days.

Nothing in this life should be easy. Nor should it fall in your lap. If it does, then you're a very lucky person. But most of us have to work hard at these things. Most of us even work hard on this for our entirely lives and never achieve it.
Get off your ****ing high horse. I'm not sure what happened to you, obviously something scarred you in regards to this situation.

As for 'drag her ass to marriage counselling'? Yeesh.