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Thread: New scam

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    Default New scam

    Message received as follows:

    Dear Customer,

    We are give you $500 in our yearly promotions due to our income of more with 300 plus Billion Rands.

    To claim your $500 click on the below website;

    (link removed)

    Nama Pengguna/User name:

    Kata sandi/password:

    Then login.

    When you login select my free $500 and choose your method of payment, to use for your monthly payment or my cash.

    congratulation our customer.

    With regards from,
    Telkom Internet Team.

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    I truly hope that in this day and age that no-one will fall for this scam

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    What language is that written in?
    Quote Originally Posted by Zolani99 View Post
    The atheists won't be forced to bow their heads, they can just imagine themselves burning in hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrJohnZoidberg View Post
    What language is that written in?
    Indonesian according to Google Translate .

    Oops , sorry VivRose, reported your post as a RAS , will message MODs again :/
    unofficial mybroadband Telegram 5000 group challenge. Dare to enter the crazy?? Details [thread] to be coming soon...

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