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Thread: WebAfrica - Am I paying too much for what I am getting?

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    No feedback for me JohanGerber?

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    Hi Jeff, Thank you for having offered to assist - we had our line downgraded to 1Mb and the connection speeds have improved quite a bit .2 - .5 mbps not quite at the 1Mb yet - Last month I requested to be moved back to telkom as we had 21ms ping, but the ping to webafrica is never less than 70ms (tested tonight at 90ms), I am a bit miffed that I am not refunded for the web pro of which I saw no benefit and I was still billed and paid for another month's worth of web pro (for one month's notice ) while it of absolute no use to me, which leaves me with the feeling of being ripped off
    Kind Regards, Johan Gerber

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    Thanks, you made a good and proven valid point - we sync much better at 1mbps

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    Hi, thanks for the advice - we have tried various other accounts on the same line, we downgraded and performance improved immediately

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    you hit the nail on the head..sync speed :-)

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    I also feel that home pro is a rip off, even if you discover it does nothing for you and want to cancel, you still get billed for another month before you may cancel

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    Griz, You are right on the line speed, we downgraded. I need to add that based on my experience I feel that I have been ripped off with the home pro as I got no value from it. I also do not appreciate my tickets being closed without my knowledge or being resolved. I have been IT 3rd tier support for over 20 years and have never closed a ticket without consent from the person logging the call

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcidRaZor View Post
    Fanboi much?

    Anyway, Telkom wouldn't upgrade an ADSL line to 10mb if the SNR and line attenuation is bad. Trust me on that. They'll also sync him at lower speeds to make sure the quality he gets is best.

    I'm not at all surprised at how crappy their capped offerings have gotten. I've mostly used Web Africa and not only did their support decline, but also the quality of their offerings, which prompted me to switch ISP's.

    The only person I know of that will action this is probably WAJeff. But 1 person doth not a company make. And he still needs to go through a lot of red-tape bull**** before being able to do anything.

    Oh, and when their capped unshaped offering performs worse than their capped offering... you know it's time to jump ship

    The OP isn't the first one to note this FYI, and can certainly receive much better speed for what he pays for if he changes ISP.

    Remember, even though your line syncs at 10mbps, doesn't mean you have to get a package that supports 10mbps. For the same price he is paying now, he can get uncapped 4mbps from any of the ISP's who offers it (excluding the rolling threshold bull**** from WA)

    Money talks, especially when the service you pay for is non-existent and the support for it as well
    So you think throttling someone on a 4 meg account after using more than 74 gigs in a 7 day period is unfair? Or worse than other throttling systems?

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