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Thread: Mweb Service/Web Africa FUP

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    Quote Originally Posted by grim View Post
    Three things,

    1. That is not how contention works, the 1:20 means that if they have 1000 4Mbps users those users will share a 200Mbps connection. They don't divide users into groups of 20 that are allocated a maximum of 4Mbps between them. Their total pool of customers share one link at a ration of 1:20 among them.

    2. If that was how contention works you would get according to you 25KB/s excluding overheads on a 4Mbps line when everyone else is using their connection.

    3. Mbps/Kbps != MBps/KBps, 1Mbps = 128KBps, 8kbps=1KBps
    This is more like how I suspected it worked. Thought PsyWulf's version sounded off. Thanks for the explanation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyWulf View Post
    This topic smells more and more like an entitlement issue for bandwidth abusers,very few ISPs would give the kind of leeway you seem to have been granted here wrt downloading

    Was I complaining about not being able to get enough bandwidth? I'm complaining about having my account suddenly cancelled and discussing the viability of alternatives. I'm fine with having my download protocols shaped, as long as I get good performance for gaming and browsing. You sound like you want it to be an entitlement issue. Seems like you have too much free time.

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    [QUOTE=Raedwulf;8163359]Over the last two or three months I've had many problems with my uncapped unshaped Mweb 4 meg, ranging from poor ping and packet loss to very poor speeds to full disconnects. I've had to jump through a lot of hoops and many telkom faults to get any results, and even now I only seem to be able to get max 3.5 Mb on speedtest. Finally this month however I'd had enough, seeing as this connection costs R2000 p/m, and on the 10th decided to downgrade to regular 4 meg uncapped, effective immediately.
    I called mweb again and was able to get my usage for last month. I usually do around 600-700 GB p/m. This past month though it seems I did 952.3 GB. This is certainly high, and if this therefore constitutes abuse,

    I am assuming that you had an Unshaped uncapped account with MWEB and you did download 600 GB using that then you downgraded your account to Shaped Uncapped on 10th of April and downloaded 952 GB That means you were able to download more on a shaped account than on an Unshaped account? Your complaint was about quality of your account with MWEB?
    I am confused!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You havent disclosed how you downloaded so much - you must be using a seedbox or similar to bypass shaping protocols. I highly doubt you are just streaming 24 hours a day.

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    Lol and here I am worrying that I'm abusing with my 200 to 250GB a month on my 4meg line!

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    @citizensa & Griz. It does seem odd that I got more download on the shaped account. I really have no idea how I hit over 900 gigs, highest I've ever gotten previously as far as I know is about 750. My complaint was about quality yes, I had very unstable speeds while I was on the unshaped, and some very bad latency. The issues have been somewhat resolved by now, but performance still falls far short of what it was when I got the unshaped account, which is why I downgraded. R2500 p/m (incl line rental), is a lot of money for something that hasn't worked correctly in months.

    @Griz. I have never used a seedbox, not entirely sure what it is. I have about 15 computers on my network, and among them are people using usenet, irc and http for downloads. Nothing unusual and nothing that bypasses shaping afaik.

    @citizensa. It would be hard to say that I am able to download more on one or the other package. I'm not pushing to see how much I can download, nor is my whole connection devoted to downloading. We use it for multiple purposes, so downloads are mostly limited during the day. When I had the unshaped connection, and it was working properly, my download rate was fairly stable at above 400 KBs. Naturally this would slow down other applications however, so downloads were limited to 200-300 KBs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freaksta View Post
    Lol and here I am worrying that I'm abusing with my 200 to 250GB a month on my 4meg line!
    I see no reason why the client should need to be worried about abuse at all, unless of course they are intentionally circumventing the ISP's methods of limiting bandwidth use. If it were the client's responsibility then the ISP should make that clear along with specific details of what constitutes abuse. Mweb does not do this, and as such it is their responsibility to ensure that their shaping is effective enough to ensure that clients do not abuse their service. Whatever is possible under normal conditions with shaping should be legitimate.

    If Mweb does think I somehow abused their network, I'd love to know how.

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