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Thread: Two SIMs, same number

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    Note on Keegans' link indicates that this is only available for contract customers, which I guess makes some sense.
    Vodacom offer the same service - theirs is called "TwinCall"
    They've also offered multiple sims for data devices for a while now as well:

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    How much does it cost?

    You will be charged for an additional SIM card and there could also be a once-off administration fee, depending on the service provider or dealer.
    Does that mean there is a monthly fee for the additional sim card?

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    This is so good to know.

    I wonder the same applies for 8ta 'data sims'

    I have a normal 8ta sim. I would like to get a second one for my tablet.

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    FYI - this is not available on Virgin.

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