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View Poll Results: Please rate your Virgin Mobile voice and SMS service

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  • 5 Excellent (much better than expected)

    7 21.21%
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    7 21.21%
  • 3 Fair (exactly as expected)

    11 33.33%
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    2 6.06%
  • 1 Pathetic (much worse than expected)

    6 18.18%
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Thread: Virgin Mobile Please rate your cellular service (voice and SMS service)

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    Used widely in Gauteng and Midrand/Kempton Areas,
    Occasional loss of signal in Kempton and Midrand, perfect in JHB

    Dont like the fact that I cant lock my phone from going over a certain limit eat month.
    Annoyed with the fact that a week after I took out the contract the same special launched with 1000 free smses a month and I lost out on that.
    MTN Mobile Data @ only R2000 a gig

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    Area: Pretoria - East

    Good coverage, always on, almost no delays. Loves the 1000 sms's. BUT customer service is non existing!

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    Cape Town area.
    No problems with calls / sms, also very happy with service at Canal Walk store.

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    I'm sticking with virgin for the data rate and the roaming reception. Its the best of all wrapped in one. I Suggest making the data rate even more competitive than 60c.
    Basic Steps

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    Continuing problems with reception / down time (I mean DOWN time -can't make or receive any calls), SMSs arriving hours later, answering service working sometimes, dropped calls often.

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    Bryanston - Medscheme park -horrendous reception.

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    What I appreciate most is that they do not mess around with the standard industry supplied service packages. All the settings for SMS, forwarding, voice mail, internet configurations etc. work exactly as they were originally designed.

    All the other service providers introduce their own "features" and "additions" which in the end only make it slower or incompatible.

    Virgin is always compatible with everything I do. I buy my own phone cash and simply want to connect it to their system for voice and internet and it works flawlessly. They are also the lowest cost provider of all the prepayment packages in SA.

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    Virgin Mobile - Cheap contracts with tons of sms, but Coverage is terrible, smses take 3 years to go through at times. I have ported my number to mtn, mtn have done all their work, now i have been waiting 2 weeks already for virgin to allow the port...
    Come on guys, jack up your game! Improve your service, and quality of your products.

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    Eastern Freestate, Ported to Virgin Prepaid in march 2008, faultless procedure, only took few hours. My children are also on VM prepaid, and especially liked the 24/7 very affordable same network rates on Virgin. Porting to VM in June 2010 took my son almost a week, where the old network VC, appeared the delaying factor. When internet was not working on Virgin on his imported phone, service to sort out this issue, especially follow up could have been better. As a whole good coverage, almost no delayed SMS's, or dropped calls. Above average. Willingness, interest of staff in Virgin stores to sort out queries, can be still greatly improved. I hate indifferent and not very informed staff.
    Last edited by Marcan; 09-05-2012 at 11:31 AM.

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    Auckland Park/Pretoria West

    Been with Virgin 5 years now, service was really dodgy round June/July last year but has improved massively, no problems at all....

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    [Cape Town]

    Cannot complain about them. I have received good service from them whenever I have needed help. Currently in my 3rd year with them.

    I pay R329 for R300 airtime and the Samsung Galaxy S2 - One of the best deals for this phone in the country!

    Things they could improve on:
    Coverage outside of city centres
    Data speeds - Can be extremely slow at times.

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