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Thread: DHCP server on XP (for LAN boot)

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    Default DHCP server on XP (for LAN boot)

    My elderly Packard Bell easynote laptop has a broken CD drive. I want to use it as an XMBCbuntu server, as it is still working. Repairing the drive was quoted at R4000 which is a bit ridiculous.

    I can set the laptop to boot from LAN, cd or hard drive. I wish I could use my external cd drive but I can't boot from usb.

    Therefore my only option is over a LAN. I have a cross-over cable and a XP desktop machine leant to me by a friend.

    On boot, my laptop tries the LAN but cannot connect to a DHCP server. What do I run on the desktop machine to do this?

    (I would just connect to my home network... as my router should assign an IP, but I have only 1 LAN cable after my lovely girlfriend did some 'tidying up' and tossed out 'that mess of cables')

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    You do get simple DHCP utilities however your easiest would be to do Internet Connection Sharing. Add a fake dialup connection. Then right click on this connection -> properties -> advanced . Then share the connection. Your PC will start supplying out IP addresses.

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    Or you can have a look at Dualserver
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