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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 11 GPU help

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    Default Sony Vegas Pro 11 GPU help

    Hey guys.

    I am using sony vegas pro 11 to render gameplay videos for youtube. The problem I am getting though is very slow render times.

    I render 720p videos using Main concept AAC. There is an encode option near the bottom that allows you to choose render using CPU only, Render using GPU or render using GPU if available.

    When I choose render using GPU the video will not render and comes up with an error : unknown error blah blah blah.

    But when I choose the Render using CPU, it works but very, very slowly. I have an AMD Phenom x6 1090T Black edition cpu, AMD xfx R7970 Black Edition GPU.

    Does any body have any experience with Sony Vegas and know of an alternative render process that yields the same results as MainConcept or know why I cannot render using my GPU.


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    I never had this probleme and I use my I7 2600k but ill ask around my friends might know

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