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Thread: Legality of wearing police uniforms by private citizens

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    Default Legality of wearing police uniforms by private citizens

    Caught a glimpse of the making of 'Streets of Manguang' on SABC 2, and saw that the actors were wearing real SAPS uniforms while doing a promotional photo shoot. They probably wear these while filming the series itself as well.

    I am just wondering what the legal implications are, if any, when private citizens (actors included) wear these uniforms? I thought it wasn't allowed?
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    It's illegal.
    Only people allowed to wear SAPS uniforms: Reservists (on-duty) and SAPS members.
    Actors should be wearing uniforms that resemble but don't match the real uniform.

    But correct me if I'm wrong, but the insignia on the ranks do look different.
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    i would imagine that permission can be sought
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    This is why you will often see real policeman playing roles in South African productions (and their acting ability gives it away).
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    Doesn't Denzel Washington wear one in that new movie set in Cape Town, 'Safe House'?


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    They probably get permission otherwise illegal: impersonating police officer

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