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Thread: Best way to learn CakePHP

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    Default Best way to learn CakePHP

    Hi PHP gurus

    What's the best way to learn CakePHP from scratch, any links with recommended projects will be appreciated.

    I've gone though the website and did the blog and authentication system, but i need to get my hands on more applications that will benefit and improve my CakePHP skills.

    Thanks in advance.

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    CakePHP website - learn't how to use it one day from their site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrunsdonza View Post
    CakePHP website - learn't how to use it one day from their site.
    Definitely agree with that, very useful website. Also trial and error then google, cakephp has a big community support
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    Freephpvideos? I know he had one using cakePHP

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