When it comes to putting the consumer first, Cell C takes the cake for me. Here's Why:

Friends and Family
Woza Weekend
Woza Whenever
Woza Wheneva (Minutes, SMS, DATA special)
Supa Woza
ALL-IN-1 Vouchers

The past few days I've read on different forums and threads people vowing to leave Cell C after they scrapped the free minutes Woza Wheneva and replaced it with the new Supa-Woza. Now what gets to me is EXACTLY WHAT BETTER DEAL WILL THOSE PEOPLE BE GETTING ANYWHERE ELSE?

As far as I can see Supa-Woza is Cell C's way of passing on the Mobile Termination Rates savings onto the consumer. What is VC and MTN doing about that? (Free calls after midnight? Free on-net minutes on Thursdays?)

People are so hung up on the free Cell C-to-Cell C minutes yet they forget Cell C has the AMAZING ALL-IN-1 system where you get:
R49 - 100 Cell C Minutes, 100 SMSes, 100MB Data (Valid for 30 days)
R89 - 200 Cell C Minutes, 200 SMSes, 200MB Data (Valid for 30 days)
R199 - 500 Cell C Minutes, 500 SMSes, 500MB Data (Valid for 60 days)

In conclusion, Cell C is a company and in the end it needs to be sustainable and eventually make a profit. The big 2 that have been posting profit after profit after profit yet what have they done to appease their subscribers? Most South Africans are blindly loyal to brands and don't even realise when they are being taken for a ride!

I VOTE CELL C over and over with my money.