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Thread: Signing up for iBurst

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    Angry Signing up for iBurst

    So i am trying to sign up for an iBurst account. Faxed through my application on Saturday 5th of May. It is now Tuesday 8th of May and not heard back from any one yet.

    I also tried to call their SALES line yesterday and i was left to hold on for 8 minutes longer than i wanted to wait. so i hung up.

    and i am still waiting iburst do you not want my money?

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    Do yourself a favour & find another solution. It only gets worse from here on in.

    You are the product of 4 billion years of evolution. Start acting like it.

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    goodluck. why not try an 8ta 10gig deal?

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    Don't do it, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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    Used iburst wireless in Jhb CBD ,Robertsham & Ormonde Jhb.

    Link wise they were good but billing & helpdesk were another story.

    Bought the desktop modem cash & ran the contract month to month.

    Then came cellc (free woza MB's on prepaid) & i jumped ship

    Had a look at iburst current prices & they dont look too bad. esp R98 for 2GB + 2GB. ( I still have the modem)

    Only thing that scares me is getting past sales & accounts

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    Dude don't go for Iburst. There service suck and there speeds suck. Latency is very bad when playing online games and when u think u have lots of cap to use, trust me you cant because its like the throttle you and you not able to use all your bandwidth. SO i am canceling me iburst account this June

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