After reviewing my invoice and statement in December I noticed that I am being billed for up 20 Kaspasky Antivirus per month. I have 1 laptop and 2 pc's at home. The pc's are almost never on and has not been updated for 2 months now. I have an account with Kaspersky also and their website also show that I only have 3 packages with them. I contacted the call center so many times and was even contacted back in March being told that the problem has been sorted and my account will be debited, realizing that the women who contacted me refused to give me her details or even a Ref no. I am being charged over double the due amount every month. This will be I think 4th year with iBurst but it surly has not been the first time I am having problems with my account. I also contacted the call center and asked them to send me a summary as to where my bandwidth is going to because it seems to be going extra fast the past few months. How is it that they cannot help me with this.