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Thread: Android versus Apple competition

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    Lightbulb Android versus Apple competition

    Hi there

    This week we are running an Android versus Apple competition where you can win a Huawei Mediapad worth around R6,000.

    To Enter

    • Tell us (in this thread) why you think Android is better that Apple’s iOS (You are welcome to post facts, videos, funny comments and the like. Sarcastic comments also most welcome )
    • This is a fun competition, so humorous posts and comments are most welcome

    This competition will close on Friday 1 June.

    About the Huawei Mediapad

    The Huawei Mediapad running Android 3.2 OS (Honeycomb) is entertainment transformed. With full HD video playback and HSPA+ Data connectivity, combined with high capacity battery for longer operational time. This device is functional for many across a wide spectrum of uses.
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    Default Sample entry

    Because Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that Google’s Android platform has Apple's iOS beaten in many ways

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    Super Grandmaster Archer's Avatar
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    Android is better because you get a whole droid, instead of an apple which has already had a bite taken out of it

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    The openness of the software environment makes it by far a better choice for the true tinkering nerd such as most of us are :P

    Honestly i've got iOS and Android devices and after trying many times I just can't get myself to use the iOS everyday,far too limiting

    The fact that I can install custom versions of Android that are user-written and maintained and by FAR better than the stock Operating System is just another nail in the coffin of closed-development that is the iOS environment
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    Android is better because it doesn't need iTunes !

    And it has an open hardware and software architecture.

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    With apple you have 2 options (and various generations of those two options).

    With Android the options are in the thousands, just about anybody can afford an android and if you have cash the sky is the limit

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    to people who use IOS even know what a smart phone is ?
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    Android wins because of PS3 controllers... so I can joySTICK it to iOS
    .... and thanks for all the fish.

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    Super Grandmaster APoc184's Avatar
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    Android is better for me because I like to customize my phone to the point where I am satisfied.

    Android is also better because I can plug it into my USB and just copy movies, music and documents on to it without having to use additional software.

    Android products is also better because it is a lot cheaper than Apple.

    And lastly Android is better because Apple fans hate hearing that and it leads to some interesting debates on this forum. (Vica Versa is also true)
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    Android is tops:
    Cause I am already a fruit....I dont need a phone that is one also!
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    Because and Apple will always just be an Apple .. whilst an Android will never stop evolving!
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    Android is better cause I can access my phone via a shell terminal

    That and the mascot can wield a lightsaber

    This aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers

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    Android has a green robot as its emblem, and everyone knows robots are fricken AWESOME!!
    Will work for peanuts

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    Android beats Apple because Apple are like Nazis when it comes to software and developer support. Their platform is locked down tighter than a nun's bum, stifling innovation in a way.

    Android is much more open and developer friendly.

    Then, of course, there's the Apple fans...
    Lo, they do call to me,
    they bid me take my place among them,
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    where the brave may live...forever.

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