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Thread: So I see it is OK

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    Angry So I see it is OK

    It seem its in order to post controversial issues, a long as it has to do with what the whites supposedly did or did not do. Hell there was even a jpeg of whites rowing on sculls. That it seems is ok. BUT TO MENTION THE ATROCITIES AND FARM MURDERS WITH PICTURES IS NOT OK. Why the double standards. Getting mad is sometime ok..but me,i have other ways to make a point
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    Ajak ...
    You did not "mention the atrocities of farm murders with pictures".

    You lured us into clicking on what we thought would be more comic strips, possibly providing a decent comic to contradict the boat picture.

    The resulting shock of what your links actually pointed to [butchered whites] does serve as a point, but you should at least have warned us of the terrible tragic but downright sickening graphic nature of your counter pictures.

    It's just human to human curtesy.

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    Hi ajak,

    I feel your pain man, more than you would ever know.

    But reducing our standards is not the way to go, we should forgive and forget. Focus on the future. If we dwell on the past, we are just the same as the existing government.

    Posting pictures of gore is not right, not on this forum. Those things did and are indeed still happening, and we should know and be aware of it. But keep it clean please. Stay the cause man.

    Hou koers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by louisp
    Hou koers!
    Jeez, Can't remember when last I heard that
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