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Thread: Telkom can't fix area exchange in a week

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    Default Telkom can't fix area exchange in a week

    I struggle to believe this even as I write this. I recently upgraded to an ADSL line with Telkom as service provider - primarily for reliability. Worked well for a few months.

    I have now been without a internet connection for a week. Called the call centre 3 times (this takes 20 min every time off course) and they confirmed that the exchange close to me is off and that the entire area is affected.

    A week?? Impact on businesses?? If I do not get an acceptable response from someone who can actually do something I will be doing the following:
    1. Start using MWEB as a service provider. I do realize I will still be renting the Telkom line (as I do not have other options), but at least I will be taking business away from Telkom.
    2. The moment I can get Neotel or any other reliable alternative, Telkom will never see me as a customer again.

    Oh - and if they have the audacity to charge me for this month I walk as well. I should be sendign them an invoice for my time. Sent from my 3G connection .....

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    One week? Wow you're optimistic - Douglasdale 011-704xxxx/011-462xxxx has been have issues for almost 2 months now and all they can say is they are planning to upgrade the exchange as it is oversubscribed.

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    Telkom is replacing all of the DSLAMs in the country with MSANs. I am one of the lucky few on the Douglasdale 011-462-xxxx racks that have been moved to an MSAN, and it works quite nicely.

    Hang in there buddy, I know it is painful but tech growth and improvement is exponential. You'll soon be in the green
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    Did you ask them what caused the outage?

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    Apparently an exchange that is down. Best of all - they had the fault as corrected and had to reopen (although no-one ever contacted me) :-(.

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    .... so it is a number of people that are impacted.

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    I've been down for month than a month in the past, and for th last 4 months I can't get more than 40kb download speed on my 4mb line. Telkom just does nothing.
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    My exchange was down for only 2 days, wasn't so bad here in Witbank

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