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Thread: Traveling to Joburg from Cape Town - roadworks?

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    Default Traveling to Joburg from Cape Town - roadworks?

    Planning to drive to Joburg from Cape Town via Bloemfontein, tomorrow, which I haven't done in years. I have heard there are roadworks along this stretch. How much travel time should I add due to any potential delays? Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

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    This should be useful and it's also updated regularly:

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    There's a big stretch just outside Bloemfontein. You can circumvent by taking the R706 and coming onto the N1 at Springfontein
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    Drove the road earlier this year, yes there are, nothing too bad, should hold you about 20mins.

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    Thank you for the responses - greatly appreciated - the TomTom link was also very useful. Just wish the petrol price would sink a little lower, or Tesla would start selling their electric cars in this country.. Thank you again

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    Its actually about 20min per roadblock...
    did this the same at the end of last year, so added an extra 1.5 hours to the trip from all the waiting...

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