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Thread: Diablo III - moneymoneymoney

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    I have to agree that D3 has less customisation

    There`s a huge amount of sub-classes in D2 with completely different styles. EG: Elementalist vs fireclaw warewolf. ,Enchantress vs. Lightning Sorc. or Bonemancer vs Summoner.

    Not to mention runewords.

    Some of them sucked, but at least you could have something different.

    The fun part for me was experimenting and seeing how the build panned out in hell.
    Or playing PVP and doing something completely different than your opponent expected.
    Bud I'd say just as you're using D2 + LoD to create your arguement, we may need to wait for D3's first expansion to equal the playingfield. I suspect that the first expansion will be to D3, what LoD was to D2.... partial fundamental shifts.

    I can hear the arguement that D3 should've included more, but it seems to be relative, as I'm happy (bar my gripe with Legendaries) with what I have thus far in the game. Diablo's longevity/complexity largely came with it's expansion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Archer View Post
    You've got that in D3 too... (eg frenzy vs bash barb, about 3 base monk variations, with numerous variations on the backup skills, etc)
    What I'm saying is most of the argument in the op is flawed. All builds the same because everyone wants the best items? Thats sounds like D2 all the way. Less customization? How different was one players bonemancer from the next? Very little (if they wanted to make it to the end), both would have almost identical stats and items eventually. And then you'd never be able to try something else for the heck of it, you'd be locked into your build from the moment you started. D3 you can muck around in normal, sometimes even nightmare, and get to really experiment with everything. Thats my point of view anyway

    Personally, I did not find it fun grinding through the first two difficulties each time just to find out my build was not fun to play, or not viable :/
    On your last point, after having one character reach Inferno, I must be honest and say I WISH I could skip with new characters...

    On your points regarding builds, I agree. If you have to search the net for a build in order to survive/be effective, then something is wrong. I do however feel that this raises a flaw in Blizz's own ideology regarding D3 when it comes to having all builds viable... this however can be fixed.
    "Smooth seas don't make skillful sailors"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerfherder View Post
    I think that an expansion will make this game better, also mentioned in the other thread all the things shown on youtube that they left out... more than 4 multiplayers etc.
    That vid was funny, some of the left out stuff was actually in, haha, just not in 100% exactly the same way. On the 4 player thing... after running with a full 4 this weekend, I can see why its the max amount. You literally cant see whats going on anymore, I found some of the time I'd look at my health bar instead of my player to check if I'm standing in a desecrator pool With everyones spells going off in the same area it was literally the only way of finding out. Basically anything on the ground becomes more difficult to see. Then again, perhaps its just me that sucks and cant see jack
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