Hi there

I need some assistance please. I am not very clued up with the tech stuff, so please keep that in mind in your response.

I recently got internet from Telkom and they provided me with a D-Link modem which is also a wifi router. I am having trouble with my wifi signal from the router to my PS3. The reception is not very good, although it is not very far from the router (about 6 meters through a few walls). I went and bought an antenna to boost the wifi signal, but the signal is still pretty bad and sometimes disconnects during play.

When I use my laptop in the room where the ps3 is located, the signal is not nearly as bad though, which leads me to think that the ps3's wifi receiver might not be all that great...

I did consider connecting the modem/router to my PS3 via an ethernet cable, but from where the router is installed, that could be somewhat difficult. Someone mentioned to me that I might be able to link another router with the wifi router and run a cable from that router to my ps3, which might solve my problem.

I just need some advice on what router to get and how to do this, if possible.