Hi all,

It's that time of the year again in Cape Town where Dis-Chem Foundation & KFM give away - I think, R30,000 (I stand to be corrected!)
From a personal point of view, I would really appreciate if everyone who is able, can go and nominate the following: False Bay Volunteers EMS

They are a volunteer ambulance service here in Cape Town that has the least support of all the volunteer ambulance services in Cape Town.
I know there are others to vote for, such as "Volunteer Wildfire Services" (Who by the way, won this last year!) and Hout Bay Volunteers and Camps Bay Community Medics, but I do believe they have enough support - in a perfect world, I would vote for all of them and the SPCA and TEARS etc etc etc.

Obviously, you are welcome to vote for whomever you want, but my nomination went to FBVEMS.

For more information on FBVEMS: http://www.falsebayems.co.za

PS: I am NOT a member of FBVEMS - I work along side them while on duty - my nomination went purely on whom I think needed the cash more over where all my buddies are.

To enter and nominate: http://kfm.co.za/kcompetition/solo/d.../page_main.asp