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Thread: Pc Gaming Help

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    Default Pc Gaming Help

    My games are all original, so im struggling to find a solution to this.

    When im playing a game, after about 10 to 15 mins into the game, it would minimise the game, and take me to the desktop.

    Now im running an anti virus, and im hoping its that which is causing the issue, or some other programme. My hope is that it is somehow, set at a specific schedule to update my system.

    Im not very clued up, so please assist.

    My specs are not that great, but i doubt its that bad for playing games at low to medium settings.

    Intel Dual Core 2.66 processor , with an Asus P5NE-SLI or something like that motherboard, Gigabyte ati radeon HD6770 gfx card and a 250gb hard drive. My monitor is only a 19 inch led monitor, at res of 1366 x 768.

    The games im playing are Pure, Ashes Cricket, F1 2010. Thats about it. So not really gfx intensive games.


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    Sounds to me like it's the AV. Used to have the same thing happen to me a while back when I used antivirus, it would minimise for an update or an update check.
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    Which antivirus is it?

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    Try adding the games you use to the AV's "exception list".

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    Im using avg. Im not sure how u add games to the exception list, or how to disable the anti virus.

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    Install MSE and uninstall avg.
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    In AVG, select 'Advanced settings...' from the 'Tools' menu. Then in the left pane, select 'Appearance' & check the 'Enable Game mode when a full-screen application is executed' option in the 'Game Mode' section in the right pane.
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