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Thread: Replacement Cartridge For Samsung Laser Printer 105/105L

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    Default Replacement Cartridge For Samsung Laser Printer 105/105L

    Hi, I have a Samsung SCX 4623 multifunction laser printer printer. The printer has served me well but has now run out of toner. I am considering the options of getting a replacement cartridge. The printer takes a 105/ 105L cartridge.

    My options are:

    1. Brand new cartridge from a bricks and mortar shop. Cheapest I have come across is R1000 for the 105L at incredible corruption.
    2. Online shops. Approx R800
    3. Generic cartridge for R650

    I loath to pay R1000 for a new cartridge but I do not want to be penny wise an pond foolish and end up with a piece of crap generic cartridge that will either not last as long as the genuine cartridge or even stuff up my printer.

    Does anybody have experience with the generics?
    Can anybody recommend a decent online store? They seem considerably cheaper but I don't have experience with any of them.

    Thanks in advance

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    ChilliGirl is my supplier....

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    We usually just refill the toner on our Samsung printers at Ink-Mate -

    I am not sure what they charged us last time, but I think it was about R250-300 for the mono. The colour was a bit more as they needed to replace the roller/drum (whatever it's called ) as well - had a ding in it. Think it was R400 though.

    Maybe worth giving them a call (if there is one in your area) to hear what they would charge you, the quality is seems the same as when we purchased proper Samsung carts, IMO.

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    Where are you based? I buy exactly that same cartride and I get it for R780.00 from Business Images here in Joburg.

    These are Original High Capacity...
    MLT-D105L SAMSUNG 1910/15/2525/2580N HI CAP TONER R 683.36 (Ex VAT).

    You can give Business Images a call at ....

    Tel: (011)251-0600
    Fax: (011)462-1284

    PM me if you want to see an invoice or need an e-mail address.
    EDIT: And they do deliver in Joburg!
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    There is a big difference between generics or remanufactured toners and refills.

    Generic is made by someone else for your printer, can be iffy but most brands are ok.
    Remanufactured is ok if done by a reputable supplier and the toner's waste bin is emptied.

    Refills on the other hand are just that... refills. eventually the waste tank overflows and is a really not so pretty sight and would require a service to clean it.

    My apologies for typos, which are likely, as I don't feel so great tonight. Should be better by tomorrow.

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