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Thread: Setting up a wireless bridge

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    Default Setting up a wireless bridge

    Hi everyone, i been struggling with this for a few hours and need some help.

    My current set up is a planet A400 wireless ADSL router.

    In my study i have 3 computers, 2 with wireless card and 1 that does not have a wireless card (and doesn't havee internet access).

    I decided to get a new wireless router (Tenda W309R) to act as a bridge , and allow the 3rd computer to connect to the internet (and maybe sell the 2 spare wireless cards).

    Things i have done:

    - On the planet router allow Bridge Restrict with the tenda MAC address (it found it after clicking scan)
    - On the tenda: set it up as bridge, same chanel as the planet, disable DHCP, IP address on the same sunbet as the planet.

    The tenda is able to establish a connection to the planet but i can't browse the internet or ping the planet.

    Am i missing anything?
    I read somewhere that WDS doesn't always work between difftent brands of rounters.
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    Looks like you are doing it right, but I also had mixed success with cross vendor bridging or WDS. Works fine between ZTE and Huawei routers. But I cannot get it right between Billion and Canyon.

    One thing is to make sure the security is the same on both.

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    I even disabled security all together...anyway, i returned the router.

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