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Thread: "Error loading data" message on Supersport live streaming

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    Default "Error loading data" message on Supersport live streaming


    I get this error intermittently on Supersport live streaming. Any ideas?


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    I experienced the same error a couple of days ago, but most videos seem to be working now. Their streaming service feels like a crap-shoot at times. In general, the SS videos never work for me when using Firefox (some strange error pops up). No issues when trying to play them in IE9 though.

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    Do you have any software that blocks certain websites etc. I had my K9 block on and although I can get to the Supersport website, it kept giving me the error. Turned off the block and it worked.

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    Just use this supersport player, it bypasses the need to register and need a dstv account.

    Just run it and then type in the code of the stream you want to watch, there will be a list displayed of the sports that is streaming at the moment.
    It will open the stream in VLC player which is very nice, can even change to 16:9. (only works on certain VLC versions)

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    Is this the thread only for people with less than 300 posts?

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