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Thread: Need to buy an oven and stove

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    Default Need to buy an oven and stove

    Hey guys.

    I had both my stove and oven give up on me - I need to replace both. Oven atm is a dual (built in thing) - and stove a normal 4 plate hob....

    Please advise as to where the best place to buy is (where I don't have to spend R10k) for one....


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    And you are located where ?

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    Well now I feel like a fool.

    I am in Randburg (Blairgowrie)

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    The only advise I can give you if you are going gas is to check out for safety features. I recently purchased a 5 plate Gas stove and Gas Oven. The one I chose has a double safety feature where you have to hold in the ignition button before you turn the Gas on otherwise it will not light even with a match.

    Reason for this is most of the others do not do this, if you turn on the leaver to switch on the Gas, the Gas runs, can be dangerous if you have children. However the one I got is about the price you dont want to pay :-)
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    game/ hirsch's/ dion/ makro/

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    Game regularly has specials for R2999 for a samsung oven, hob and extractor.

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    Have a look at Caterweb (

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    I replaced my rubbish Defy contractors oven and hob a while ago with the Samsung. When I bought it, it was on special for R4999:

    I honestly don't recommend it, but if you really want to save cash, Defy has the entire bundle of oven, hob and extractor for quite cheap:

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