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Thread: So my dog almost died last night...

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    For a Boer bull owner I would recommend Rottweiler’s. They don’t grow as huge but still gets around 60 kg 70 kg if you bought a monster. Very intelligent dogs but you have to earn it’s respect.

    Part of the family.
    Good swimmers.
    They don’t bite or chew on anything in or outside the house except rubber toys and stuff.
    Good hygiene.
    They love walks.

    Eats like a machine.
    Challenges its owner in strength.
    Becomes over protective.
    Most Rotties are perfectly fine around strangers if you except them into your home but some have a tendency to feel threatened when touched by someone they don’t know or trust. These aggressive breeds immediately snaps without warning. It’s good to know the history of your Rottie’s parents and so forth before you buy one.
    They have the same live expectancy of a Boer bull which is around 10 years.
    Hip and back problems are common at old age.

    I’ve owned 2. We had to put down the male due to age. They really become part of the family because of their persona. I’ve been in a lot of dog training sessions with the male (Jasper) where they help you teach the dog to attack on demand, stop on demand run obstacle courses etc… The strength comes from a bear like built that has a lot of upper body weight. When they attack their key is to use this weight to force the opponent to the ground. This allows them to reach the neck easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iDenTiTy View Post
    Apparently it has to do with the dog's age and gas build up.
    Not too sure, but apparently it is not too uncommon in large dogs.

    Anyways, my pet is doing well. She's out of theater and is under observation.
    So happy right now. It feels like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    Can't wait to see her.
    So glad to hear she is better

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    Border Collie

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeftyCrab View Post
    Ridgebacks are amazing dogs, but i think they wont work: they need lots of space. i know a guy with 2, living on a horse farm. the dogs used to dog with when he went on 1-3 hour rides (he only stopped letting them go with because he was afraid that their hips would get damaged).staffies are also amazing, but imho a guard dog wont work in a retirement village once its been on a plot.
    Oh, missed that part. Yeah, ours used to love to really run at full stretch and they need that.
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    Another vote for a Staffie! Glad to hear that your dog is doing better.

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    Great Dane, beauts with the right temperament and very scary to invaders, I have two 84 and 89 Kg they are huge and have some Bull Mastive inbred to bolster the muscle. Mine is black/white and the other is blue/grey and that is the one all non invitees are scared of.
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    My parents had a Rhodesian Ridgeback (Boerboel cross). She lived on a farm that couldn't keep her anymore because she had a tendency to catch the chickens, pin them down and pull out their feathers. Never killed them though.. just plucked them.

    Anyway, my parents live in a normal house in the suburbs and don't have a massively large yard, they brought her to the house while they were still building. 2 days later my mom goes out into the back yard to give the builders lunch - new dog places herself between my mom and the builders and stayed there. She was super-protective of my mother within 2 days of coming to her new home with strangers.

    She had 2 different barks - a normal dog bark and a low throaty dangerous bark when there was something wrong or going on. My dad would immediately know that someone was in our yard or in her territory by the way she barked. Deep bark - grab your gun. Normal bark - no worries.

    She lived to the ripe old age of 14 or so. She was amazing with little kids (let us dress her up and sit on her and everything!) and she used to SMILE whenever we got home and bounce around. Strangers would be terrified because it looks like she's baring her teeth at them.. she was smiling! I adored that dog, and still want to cry when I think about her.

    Unless you live in a really tiny place, you should be fine with a Ridgeback in a regular-sized yard. They also don't chew everything up.

    I am glad to hear your lovely is doing better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garson007 View Post
    You paid for an operation on a dog dying from old age? It seems a bit counter-productive.

    Since they're going old age home I'd suggest a Labrador or something equally friendly. Either that or a small dog, like a Jack Russel.
    I disagree.
    I paid for an operation to prevent her from suffering of the same problem she just had.
    Otherwise, she is happy and still plays with other dogs (they much younger and smaller).
    She is quite active (that is, she walks beside me when I decide to go for a walk on the plot), and I don't hear her wincing (if that is the word).

    So yes, whilst she is getting old, I prefer to give her the best chance to enjoy what time she has left.

    I suggested the same. Though they have a problem with long hair on a dog (my mother sneezes easily).
    The biggest problem for them, is that they get extremely attached to pets, and would hate to lose another dog in the future.
    Hubert H. Humphrey
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    Just going to resurrect this thread and throw my 2c in...

    If your folks are in a retirement home, then you might want to avoid a Bull Terrier or a Staffie, they're very very active and playful... I have a Bullie and love him to bits, but I have 1600sqm of land for him to go chargin around on and I play with him constantly...

    BUT in saying that a Bull Terrier will attach itself to your folks in very short order and becoming a complete member of the family and love them to bits and protect them with its life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iDenTiTy View Post
    I came home to her lying on her side, with a huge bump beside her stomach. She was crying.
    I immediately took her to the vet, where they said she had a twisted stomach. Apparently it is a fatal condition.

    She's fine now, but is going for an operation soon (in 30min) to prevent future twisting.
    My problem is, she is very old. 12 years. According to the vet, my dog (a female boerboel) has lived way past it's expected sell-by date.

    She also suffers from hip dysplasia. Not too bad, sometimes she still runs around like a spring chicken, plays with the next door dog.
    So I'm mindful of the fact that she's had a good innings, and will pass away probably in a few years.
    I love my dog very much. She will sometimes talk to me (especially my mother), and try play - will miss her terribly.

    Anyway, I'm now looking for another dog (puppy) that I need as a guard dog, that is slightly smaller than my boerboel.

    I'm open to all suggestions (including adoption), but a dog with a wonderful personality like my boerboel would be awesome (very friendly, playful, manners, but also very protective of my parents (mom especially) - should also be good with other dogs, as my parent will be moving to a retirement village).
    (I'm hoping the pup learns a thing or two from the boerboel - character-wise).

    Any suggestions?
    Sharpei are awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by iDenTiTy View Post
    Are they good guard dogs? I stay on a 2 hectre plot, and have @$$holes jumping the fence every-now-and-then..
    Get a black dog, apparently they are feared more for some reason. Bull Mastiff should be well suited to your requirements

    The Bullmastiff is a devoted, alert guard dog, with a good-natured temperament.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garson007 View Post
    You paid for an operation on a dog dying from old age? It seems a bit counter-productive.

    Since they're going old age home I'd suggest a Labrador or something equally friendly. Either that or a small dog, like a Jack Russel.

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    Black dogs are feared...

    But a White Bull Terrier is the epitomy of evil for some sectors of our population..

    Its the white fur and "red" eyes that freaks them out

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