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Thread: New voice carrier for SA: Moneyweb

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    Default New voice carrier for SA: Moneyweb

    Interesting takes. Ivy will really be into it if she backtract this time?

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    Enabling all value-added network service (Vans) operators – like internet service provision firms MWEB and Internet Solutions – to self-provide “with respect to their international traffic within six months of the promulgation of the Electronic Communications Act”;
    What does this mean?

    Matsepe-Casaburri has decided to address the contentious issues of ensuring competition on the last mile of Telkom’s network – blamed as one of the reasons why high-speed internet prices remain stubbornly high – by appointing a committee headed by Wits electrical engineering associate professor Dr Tshilidzi Marwala – to manage the process.
    Another committee, avoiding the issue again

    Matsepe-Casaburri said she would also talk to the regulator about the timeframes for allowing other players “affordable access to international broadband infrastructure”.

    She said the arrangements for access and use of international cables and facilities – currently Telkom-exclusive domain in the case of the Sat-3 cable on the west cost of Africa – “will ensure [these] do not unfairly exclude others”.

    Importantly, access to the cables and facilities will be provided on a cost basis, which will enable cheaper prices to ensue as competitors obtain access at better rates.
    More talk
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