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Thread: Top10 Forumites who have been in a lunatic asylum

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    Quote Originally Posted by AstroTurf View Post
    been to weskoppies years back after eating a hand full of datura on my 18th birthday and being to stoned to explain it to my parents. Tara after a drug binge while waiting for an opening in castle Carrey
    Small doses of Datura innoxia is actually rather pleasant. Datura stramonium on the other hand is rather ****, its about on the same level as Brugmansia suaveolens. A friend of mind uses Datura a lot, microdosing isn't bad. Ibogaine + Datura + B.caapi + DMT. thats his concoction weekly. He should be admitted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerfherder View Post
    Its really scary. When you actually meet some one who is insane its not fun.
    Meh. There is some guy walking around Randburg - crazy as a woman at a shoe sale.. Keeps muttering to himself, and I've seen him punch himself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Datura View Post
    Damn. Clicked the wrong one
    Quote Originally Posted by Kornhole View Post
    Hope your ass burns for a week
    Quote Originally Posted by Picard View Post
    These quotes have been taken completely out of context

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