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Thread: Cm 7 on my Motorola defy( MB525) help?

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    Default Cm 7 on my Motorola defy( MB525) help?

    Howsit guys , iv rooted my defy already and reali wna do the CM7 mod but reallllly dont know what to do and if its safe to do in south africa, read stuff like people dont get reception , cant sent sms's an so on. So has anyone done this ? And if you could give steps for dummies would appreciate it.

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    I've done it, once you're rooted the easy stuff begins, just Google it as, I can't remember the URL but it is cyangenmod own website also cm7.2 is stable now and has baseband selector to switch to our baseband

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    Okay cool here is the link

    Also remember that with this, you are changing everything about your phone, you will loose Motoblur and DLNA and a few other minor things. But you can then also boost your CPU speeds to 1200 when you need it, sort out RAM issues, install small footprint launchers like Nemus or Zeam over ADW permanently.
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    Why go for CM7 if you can get CM9?
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    Cm9 isn't on a stable release yet and some things don't work properly.

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