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Thread: Galaxy S2 --> S3

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    Default Galaxy S2 --> S3

    So I got my preciousssss yesterday. Galaxy S3 is truly amazing, spending a couple hours working it out. I have a few questions for those powers that know better:

    1. I want to root S3 - for the sake of Titanium Backup, etc. Any links towards a SAFE, EASY way to do this without bricking my 12-hour old phone?
    2. I still have my S2 with all my data on it - how do I transfer sms messages, whatsapp messages, app data [saved game status, etc] from my S2 to my S3. Don't say KIes - this program is rubbish and only transfered my contacts.
    3. My S2 stored wi-fi connection details [login, passwords] - how do I transfer those across?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You can safely root your phone with CF-Root found here ( without bricking your phone. You'll still be able to do OTA updates since CF-Root is not a kernel and just roots your phone.

    EDIT: Copy your Titanium Backup folder to your S3, you should be able to safely restore all your user apps with data.
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    Not sure about the root as I don't have an S3,
    but 2) SMS Backup and Restore for sms's, titanium backup of whatsapp and your games. You can install the app normally then just restore "data" in Ti.
    3) Titanium backup again. I used an app before that only works on a rooted phone called wireless passwords that shows you the stored passwords but it seems in ICS they plugged whatever method it was using.

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    If you have not rooted yet - For your sms messages, use an app called SMS backup and restore - it will create an xml file which you can copy (or drop box it) onto the new phone, and restore from there.

    For whatsapp (again if you have not rooted yet), in whatsapp go to settings->chat preferences->Chat history backup - this will take a backup of your chat history. Then copy the whatsapp folder from the S2 to the S3. Only after you do this, install whatsapp on the S3, while its installing it will pickup the backfile and restore your chat history.

    App data - not sure without root. If you had root, you could backup with titanium on the S2, copy the backup directory to the S3 and use titanium to restore the data. Same would apply for whatsapp history etc

    Wifi connection details etc should be restored on the S3 once you setup your new phone and enter in your google credentials

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    Can't really add much except for the following common knowledge.
    If you're on the exact same version of Android namely 4.0.4 on your SII then you shouldn't have any issues with Titanium.

    If not, rather download the apps from playstore and just replace data. Again if this is the case rather do it one app at a time instead of batch mode.

    For everyone else... have a look at Rom Toolbox as an Titanium replacement app. Insane app and as many xda users have said.... " this space..."

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    Thanks guys - this is awesome info. Much appreciated!

    Will have to root my S2 first and give this a shot.

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