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Thread: 2mbps uncapped data pricing?

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    Default 2mbps uncapped data pricing?


    I've heard that some ISP's have released their pricing for the new 2mbps uncapped data packages to go with the speed increase in August?

    Can anyone fill me in in one thread please? I can't find any info on it.

    Afrihost 2mbps = Rxxx.xx
    Mweb 2mbps = R (unknown)
    Openweb etc

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    only 250 available so grab it.
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    Thats about the only one out so far (I think). We still waiting for MWEB to respond WRT the new pricing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3x View Post
    Thats about the only one out so far (I think). We still waiting for MWEB to respond WRT the new pricing.
    Telkom announced their's as well.

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    Only 90 bucks cheaper than a 4mb uncapped account.

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    Just gonna put this here...doesn't seem like there's a lot of info even released

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