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Thread: Exchange Upgrade misery

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    Angry Exchange Upgrade misery

    is there ANYBODY who actually works at telkom, who is on these forums? someone who takes pride in their work and who values customer service? For the love of God, please pm me!

    i have been stuggling with telkom for the past 3 months. i moved to a new area and the exchange is FUBAR. its a donkey old exchange that was built when the town had a hundred residents. The place now has thousands, but the exhange is still from 19-footsack. i used to have a "4meg" line, which woudl give me dload speeds of 0.03meg :-(

    techie came out and confirmed the problem was due to exhange being over capacity. so what on earth will happen in august when everybody gets their line speeds doubled ??

    long story short. i cannot get any joy fro, anybody at telkom regarding an upgrade. they don't care. simple as that

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    You are all screwed. Hopefully your exchange is on the top of the list of exchanges that will be upgraded to the new MSAN exchanges.

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