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Thread: Afrihost Home Uncapped Performance

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    Default Afrihost Home Uncapped Performance


    Anyone using the 4mb or 10mb bundled line offerings from Afrihost? They're certainly more attractive in price than their sister company Axxess's offerings.

    Can anyone comment on line speed during the day e.g office hours, as my current home line is virtually DEAD during the day due to Axxess and IS shaping.

    Are Afrihosts shaping policies any different?

    Can anyone please post line speeds during day and after hours at night?


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    What to put here, that's the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLicK View Post
    Please go check out the thread mentioned here, and you can also PM me any additional questions you might have. If you decide you'd like to sign-up, you can use this link to get 50% off your pro-rata for the current month, and 50% of your first full month's bill.
    If AfriMan says it, it is so!

    If you asked an excellent question, please post on Answers!

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