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Thread: Trouble with Afrihost support

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    Default Trouble with Afrihost support

    Hi there

    I am having a difficult time with Afrihost support, trying to find out what is the fault with a line, which Afrihost supposedly manages, at my parents' house in another province.

    The cycle of "we have fixed it"-"no you haven't" is making me grim. My own understanding of ADSL is not good enough to easily infer the problem and solution from the diagnostic information provided.

    - Any ideas about how to proceed?
    - Could someone with the appropriate knowledge please say what they make of the diagnostics?

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    The line is supposed to be 4+Mbps; Telkom's "ADSL Fastest" package.

    What could be the causes behind the failure to connect at that rate? What can be done about it?

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    Hi there

    From the test you're showing, the sync rate is already showing there could be issues. It's attempting 4Mb and acheiveing around 2Mb. Also the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is very low on upload, meaning sent commands/files may not be clearly received and cause latency or disconnect, and the Attentuation above 55db will cause a loss of sync resulting in slow speeds and latencies.

    Can you please send me a PM with your account details so I can have a look at what solutions I can offer?

    If AfriMan says it, it is so!

    If you asked an excellent question, please post on Answers!

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