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Thread: Apple remote desktop

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    Default Apple remote desktop

    I have started using my macbook on my mainly windows network.
    I have some VM's set up on this network that i do all my work on. So i use my mac to remote into those machines.

    The biggest problem i have found is that the remote desktop client on the mac is really "laggy".
    I seems to be slow and does not repaint very fast.
    I have tried different settings but cannot seem to get anything working correct.

    Any suggestions on what to do to fix it up or any other RDP apps i can try.

    btw its a Macbook pro 17" mid 2009 (core 2) with 8gb of ram. The network is a 1gig wired connection

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    Would a APP like TEam Viewer not work for you? Works well when i want to access my Windows PC from my iphone 4.

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    I use the Remote Desktop Connection app that is included with Office 2011. Works perfectly with very little lag.

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    I've got the same problem. Downloaded Microsoft remote desktop for mac on my iMac, but it is extremely slow when trying to connect. Takes for ever to bring up the screen.

    I use my windows laptop and that connect just fine.

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    I haven't had any personal experience... Still waiting for any kind soul to donate a macbook to me

    I know a client that I used to support swore by all that is Apple, and he used to use the Remote Desktop client for Mac - no hassles.

    Have you got a new-ish version installed? Seems like 2.1 is the latest version

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