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Thread: Recommendations - Bluetooth Radio

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    Default Recommendations - Bluetooth Radio

    Hi Everyone,

    Please can you give me recommendations for a nice Bluetooth enabled radio for my Renault Sandero.

    Please also advise where stocks your recommendation if possible.


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    What hubby did is he went to a car sound place (a reputable one) they installed an aftermarket radio with a face plate so that it looks like it was factory fitted and not so easy to steal.

    I have no idea what make it is, however it is android operating system with Bluetooth, navigation, reverse cam, mp3, front loading CD and USB with a touch screen. It works really amazing, especially the navigation, I think it is I Go.

    I think HiFi Corp also sell normal car radios with Bluetooth, then ones with the flip off face, they should be the normal makes like JVC, Philips.

    Hope this helps at least a bit

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    What did Hubby pay?

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    I have the Sony MEX-BT3800U but that was a year ago i bought it and it works fine was makro R2100
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    Make sure you get one with an external microphone that can be put near the driver. I couldn't find a descent one and opted for installing a Parrot car kit which is gr8. Installed was +-R2K for the 3000 evolution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aharon View Post

    What did Hubby pay?
    I think he paid about R6,500 for everything, camera, installation, double din radio & face plate.

    There was another place that quoted R 4,800 for more or less the same, however they did not have stock and he is a very impatient man

    So I am sure if you ask around you will probably get a similar deal on even better if you have a bit more patients

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