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Thread: Intro

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    Default Intro

    Hi , glad I found this site . As a layman with the proverbial danger of "little Knowledge " syndrome , but enough to question , I came across the site while trying to fathom the murky depths of ISP comparisons. I am paying R18 / Gb on my newly downgraded / Upgraded , now capped but unshaped , supposedly " Gold " quality ADSL package.

    Why do I still feel a bit uncomfortable when I see deals of under R10 per Gb for very similar sounding packages

    Is there a real quality considerations when doing comparisons of ISP ADSL data hosting?

    I am comparing my Atlantic deal on a 40Gig package to Afrihost who offer 50 Gig at R400 pm less

    I have been with Atlantic for I think close to 15 years now , surely they would not be ripping me off ??

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    If you use your email address as your username,
    You're going to have a spam time.
    i nrrf iy

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    What an introduction mr!!!

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