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Thread: Yellow flashing on middle modem light?

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    Default Yellow flashing on middle modem light?

    I'm a mere week away from leaving iBurst forever (yay!) and in the process i moved my modem from Cape Town to Joburg (Randburg). I noticed upon setting it up that the middle light on the modem flashes yellow from time to time and i have no idea what it means. Also, the connection seems a bit more erratic (hahaha!) and Im wondering if the yellow light indicates some kind of collision/jitter/packet loss problem per chance? Anyone have any insights on the color yellow on the middle modem light? It does flash green too, however it alternates quite a bit between the two colors

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    Weak signal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simm_card View Post
    Weak signal.
    No, just the norm. Sad to say Markd, it is normal.
    I have also just sent an e-mail about cancelling this contract.

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