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Thread: Mweb Billion Wireless Router

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    Default Mweb Billion Wireless Router

    Hi all.

    Subscribing to Mweb DSL. They have the Billion N73X for R699.

    Is this modem any good / sufficient, or is there better modems available for sub R1000?

    Cannot find much info about this router.


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    Billion tends to be a piece of gigantic poo

    Get one of these from Uniterm Direct,guys are on the forum and run awesome promos now and then too and it's in your price range
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    If you want a decent ADSL modem with Wireless N (300Mbps), then go for the TP-Link W8960N (also to be found at Uniterm Direct). You might be able to buy it cheaper off bid-or-buy from Uniterm Direct, rather than directly from their website which shows the prices in ex VAT format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyWulf View Post
    Billion tends to be a piece of gigantic poo
    I think that's a pretty accurate description.

    My TP-Link 3G router is a boss. No issues.

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    Hey thanks guys, neverd even considered Tp-Link, only Billion and netgear. I have alswyas had netgear routers.

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