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Thread: Best preservation fund

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    Default Best preservation fund

    Hi all

    Just wanted to find out the comunities thoughts on what options are available to me with regards to preservation funds.

    I have left the employment of my previous company, and built up a a pension and provident fund of around R27k.

    I have since taken out an RA, and therefore would like to move the R27k into a preservation fund of some sort, as I dont want to pay tax if I take the cash out option.

    Any thoughts on the best ones out there (ie good growth and low fees)?

    Thanks in advance

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    allan gray is my favorite fund manager. My money is in a balanced fund since the beginning of the year but they have many options depending on your risk profile.

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    Also, depending on your age (if below 30) I'd suggest pumping that cash straight into debt. The less debt the more you can put away for old age. (or if you're not married yet, into a bond or your wedding)

    Talk to your accountant, I'm almost positive that a pension fund won't be taxable (or that you can claim the tax back)

    I'm not accountant.

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    Thanks for the advice all - the Allan Gray option seemed excellent, although the 50k minimum puts me out of the running, and I don't really want to put in 23k more.

    I have spoken to both Liberty and Momentum, they are getting me the details of the options they have - anyone had experience with them?

    Acid, thanks for the advice, although I don't need the cash at the moment, I don't have any debt. I would rather stick it away and thus save the tax

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    You suck... not any debt? pfff... still living at home huh?

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    Acid, nahh, I have a rich uncle.... :-)
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    right here


    God choices: Allan Gray, Investec, Liberty, Alexander Forbes
    AF has been taking some flack for making use of 'bulking' though, as did others, but they more than any other.
    Try 1st 2 1st.

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    Anyone know the details of the Investement Preservation fund? I'm guessing it is quite high, and I can't seem the find the details on their website.

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