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Thread: W950i or p990

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    Default W950i or p990

    I am a sony-erricson lover but i want the se w950i but it is gonna be released in 4 quarter of the year (ye right) or i could just get p990, but i would love the w950i looks so cool any1 have a release date for it?

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    Default W950!!!!!

    i'd wait for the Se W950 both phones are based on the symbian(UIQ?) series 9 so well worth the wait on one hand your thinking 2 mp camera on the other 4 gig internal memory hard guess witch one id take. As far as i have been told the w950, and p990 are both being tested at the moment but i have a feeling the p990 will be launched much earlier.
    Im a Voda Junkie How can i help you

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    my money's on the W950i !!!!

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