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Thread: Game improvement with Sock?

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    Default Game improvement with Sock?

    I play wow euro with shape ADSL account, I have a friend in USA that can setup a proxy for me. Will it improve my ping in anyway?


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    It won't improve your ping per say. If he sets up a proxy over a port Telkom doesn't shape (hint, they can't shape ssl/https) then it would only bring stability to your connection and shave off maybe a 100 or so ms.

    try it, you never know

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    Default Usa?

    I doubt it will do anything since the bottlenecks are:
    1. International link.
    2. Telkom shaping - solution is to get a Verizon or SAIX unshaped account or pay for unshaping proxy locally.

    It may help somewhat if you connect to the proxy on port 80, but i'm not sure if SAIX shape per protocol or port. If they shape per protocol, then no-go.

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    SAIX shapes per protocol, but if you setup a OpenVPN proxy on port 443, it should fool them. OpenVPN is an SSL based VPN, meaning it's traffic is almost identical to normal SSL web site traffic.

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    Default Nice one

    Good idea above - and in addition, VPN is compressed.

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    I run a socks proxy for a few hundred US wow players, and I think it helps (Otherwise they would not use it) but I dont know if it will work that well going SA -> USA -> EU

    Now if you could find a socks server in EU, it may be better.


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