Jono Bacon is a community manager, writer, musician and software developer, originally from the United Kingdom, but now based in California. Bacon is a prominent speaker on community management, works as the Ubuntu Community Manager for Canonical Ltd., authored The Art of Community by O'Reilly and is the founder and organizer of the annual Community Leadership Summit.

Bacon started his work with the Linux community when he created the Linux UK website. When he left this project he moved on to join the KDE team, where he created the KDE::Enterprise website and KDE Usability Study. He has also been involved with helping charities using free software, was a participant in LugRadio and founded Wolverhampton Linux Users' Group. Additionally, he has created a heavy rock version of the Free Software Song.

Bacon started his career as a Linux journalist before moving on in 2006 to work for OpenAdvantage to help move organizations to Open Source solutions. On September 4, 2006, he started work for Canonical Ltd. as the Ubuntu Community Manager.

Source: Wikipedia

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