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Thread: IT Software development vs networking

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    Default IT Software development vs networking

    Hi everyone

    I am looking at studying IT
    but I do not know which field.

    1. Should I go software or networking
    2. Do you really need Math's Core to study software development.
    3. Software vs. networking which is more easier to study.
    4. Software vs. networking which will pay more money.
    5. Software vs. networking which is more easier to get jobs and
    where should I look Johannesburg or Durban.

    I don't know whether I am posting in the right

    Please comment any suggestions will really be helpful
    to me.


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    You are a question about a life choice on the internet. Do which one you enjoy most. I am studying software but prefer networking(Hence CCNA soon to be CCNP )

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    1,2,3: If your not doing well in maths, do networking..

    5: Durban have computers now ? Jhb is a hell hole, but people live there cause there's job and salary.

    Do a CCNA, then CCIE SP and CCIE R&S. Maybe look at some juniper conversions too, they will be almost free.

    Tada, your over paid.

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    If you looking at wanting to study something that is easy, you are waiting your time!

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    Do a BSc Computer Science.
    It will cover the basics of both software development and networking.

    Once you get yourself a Job, hopefully in an I.T company - work as a software dev for one year and then a network dude for another year. You should get a good sense of what each job entails.

    Then, you can choose your career path and specialise by doing those certificates.

    Regarding your math question. I know a lot of people who have software development qualifications (without the math) and they struggle to get jobs. Companies tend to reject candidates without math.

    From my experience, the basic network courses were easy, compared to the likes of c++ programming.
    Networks does become a bit challenging when you learn about the IP layers etc. However I don't think non-degree courses offers this lower level studies.

    Again, it is better to do a degree and learn about networks, programming, databasing, business management , etc.
    A degree will give you the scope of multiple I.T fields instead of just one.

    Never evolve your career around money. When you work for someone else, you will never earn too much.
    Both networking and software development pays well. It all depends on your position and duties.
    If you want an idea, go to PNet and search for networking and software dev jobs.

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