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Thread: Hi all..Seeks Info on directory services like ifind??

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    Cool Hi all..Seeks Info on directory services like ifind??

    Hi all.If anyone can help im looking for general info on companies like ifind.How does it work?Its a advertising company,u sms the "paintball cc" to 34600 and it send a reply in sec with all area thats got paintball cc.

    Or companies like sms the number,it goes to there isp,check if u won and sends u a reply..??

    1. Do u register for a number "34600" with vodacom/Mtn?
    2. Is that number connected to their database/Isp with all info?
    Or connected to internet.Looking for the info on the web??
    3. The reply from them,what kind of system they using?

    If anyone can help,im all stupid with this..

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    You'll probably find the info you're looking for here.

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