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Thread: Brazilian Sex Dolls Virginity : Bids Reach $105 000

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    Default Brazilian Sex Dolls Virginity : Bids Reach $105 000

    Would you spend more than $100,000 on a one night stand? Did we mention it's with a sex doll?

    Well, apparently there are quite a few people in the world who would.

    Sexônico, an online sex shop, has started a bidding war for the virginity of Valentina, Brazil's first life-like sex doll.

    So far, the bids for the faux lady's flower have surpassed $105,000.

    According to a Huffington Post translation of the website, whoever places the highest bid before March 31 -- when the auction ends -- will win the full romantic package, which includes:

    A night in the presidential suite of Motel Swing [a pay-by-the-hour motel] in the city of São Paulo

    A special candlelit dinner with French champagne

    An aromatic bath with rose petals

    Roundtrip flights (if you don't live in Sao Paulo)

    Special lingerie (this is for her!)

    A digital camera so you can film and after show it to your friends

    As Gawker notes, Sexônico posted the offering ahead of the first international convention of inflatable dolls, a four-day expo which began Wednesday in Brazil.

    Valentina will be unveiled in real life -- so to speak -- for the first time at the event.

    Unlike other sex dolls, Brazil's first "real doll" features skin that's similar in texture to human skin.

    "She has green eyes, fleshy lips, full breasts and a body that inspires envy in all women," Sexônico describes on its website.

    While the current price of Valentina's virginity is nowhere near the $780,000 Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old Brazilian woman, won for her v-card, with a $5,000 starting bid, the auction has certainly taken off. Bidders can make their offers online, but they must use their real names so they'll be obligated to pay.
    i nrrf iy

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    I believe posters are recognised by their sig... so I made one.

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    Hot swoppable virginity kits sold seperately

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    Why do us men do this to ourselves? no wonder we are thought of as dribbling boners with eyes. Lets develop some control.
    I was the inspiration for Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness.....

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    You can get the real thing for half of that.

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