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Thread: Midrand License department

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    Default Midrand License department

    Ive been trying all morning to get hold of these guys. I have 2 telephone numbers. The one just rings, the other is constantly engaged. Im actually not at all suprised.

    Does anyone know the street address of this wonderful place and which turn off from the N1 would serve me best in getting there.

    P.S And to think that I thought they were jacking these things up...
    The liver is evil... and must be punished

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    Haha... My sympathies..

    Take the Olifantsfontein offramp, turn right (if coming from JHB) to the old pta road, go over intersection with Teazers on left hand side. Up to top of the hill, turn right (building supply place on left) down Alan road, at third intersection (traffic lights) turn left, follow signs to hell

    Take a book.
    La révolution dévore ses enfants

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    Quote Originally Posted by schitz011 View Post
    turn left, follow signs to hell

    Take a book.
    *LMAO* ... sounds like every govt. department ... I don't go anywhere without a book these days.

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    Wow... what an experience. I cannot believe the state of that place. I get there and first off, in my ignorance, I forget to bring a pen. Big mistake. Pens in that place are like gold and none of the employees will give theirs up. There are no signs displaying where to go. The people don't give a ***** about you. Im waiting at the counter and the lady is busy smsing away. She just says, "hold on" while I wait for her to finish smsing... I was shocked. Next I didn't bring a copy of my ID book. The call centre just informed me that I should bring my original ID and said nothing about a copy. They refused to make a photo-copy for me. It took me 30mins before I managed to find a lovely white lady who was busy sorting out half the mess who made a photocopy for me. I was so fed up and demanded to see the manager and was directed to a lazy looking man who just walked in. He was on his lunch break of course and just got back in his NEW 3 series BMW. :O I wonder how he funded that car... Anyways that was my experience and now I need a cigarette.
    The liver is evil... and must be punished

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