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Thread: Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Windows Live E-mail issue

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    Default Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Windows Live E-mail issue

    Hi everyone,

    I use Windows Live E-mail service ( ). To use this e-mail on Microsoft Outlook 2010, you would need to install Outlook Connector, which I have already installed. Now, lately, my e-mails cannot send/receive, it returns an error every time.

    I tried removing the e-mail account, and setting it up again, and that even returns an error:

    Name:  ms_outlook_error.PNG
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    Has Microsoft stop allowing Windows Live E-mails to work on MS Outlook 2010? Is there anything I can do besides uninstalling and reinstalling?


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    Try run a Microsoft office repair first, before uninstalling and reinstalling MS Office
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    try setting up a new profile
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    Does your office have the latest service pack installed?
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    Perhaps check that "Work offline" is not selected in IE as well.. must be set to work online... otherwise this error is sometimes evident.

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    Uninstall the live connector and Google Live pop settings.

    Think it's on port 995...

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    Quote Originally Posted by okuhle94 View Post
    I use Windows Live E-mail service ( ).
    May I ask why?
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    Is the error when you send a pic or text or only when sending pics?
    Note clear outbox when testing this....

    I suspect it is when you send an email containing a pic.

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