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Thread: Wireless Telkom setup

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    Default Wireless Telkom setup

    i have just got dsl from Telkom set up. they have given me a 510 router with 4 hub ports. My desktop is connected through a cable. When i try and set up my wireless connection on my notebook it asks for a key, i insert this key and it still does not connect. i have tried with three different notebooks and get the same message. Telkom says to me that the notebook network cards are faulty. These notebooks can connect if the cable is plugged in. Who has the patience to explain to this dof aunty how to set it up?

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    Have you tried going into the routers configuration using the cable to reset the password or set it to not have password, so you can confirm the wireless works alright that way. Another option is to perhaps reset it to factory defaults and start from scratch.
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    Thanks i will try reset

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