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Thread: Telkom unveils pay-TV surprise, he he he

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    Default Telkom unveils pay-TV surprise, he he he

    Johannesburg - Fixed-line telephone operator Telkom surprised on Thursday by announcing that it is preparing to enter the pay-television market.
    The first step in this process has been the creation of Telkom Media (Pty) Ltd, a private company with a 41.5% black economic empowerment shareholding, which applied to Icasa (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) for a commercial satellite and cable subscription broadcast licence on Thursday.
    Partners in the joint venture are Videovision Entertainment, MSG Afrika Media and Women Development Bank Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd. This shareholding combines a wealth of electronic media expertise.
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    You have my greatest respek but this IS a DUPE
    unofficial mybroadband Telegram 5000 group challenge. Dare to enter the crazy?? Details [thread] to be coming soon...

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